Silk Road Epic Journeys – Kashgar & Central Asia Tour


Tour operates:  May until October
No of days: 24 nights 25 days
Route: Kashgar-Karakul Lake-Torugart pass-Naryn-Kochkor – Issyk-Kul Lake -Karakol-Bokonbaeva village – Bishkek-Almaty-Dushanbe-Istaravshan-Khujand-Tashkent Samarkand-Bukhara-Mary-Darvaza-Ashgbad.
Transport: Air conditioned private transport, economy class domestic flight
Accommodations: All comfortable accommodations with private facilities, Basic sharing facilities at  Guest house or Yurt camps 
Guide: Fully Escorted English speaking guides in each country
Tour starting point: Kashgar China Ending point: Ashgabad Turkmenistan
Guaranteed departure: Every Saturday- Minimum 2 people required  


Day by day itinerary

Day 01: Kashgar Arrival (Saturday)
Upon arrival at Kashgar airport you will be met by our guide and transferred to your hotel.
Overnight in Qini Bagh Hotel new building (BD)
Day 02: Kashgar Sunday Market
This day is planned to coincide with the famous Sunday market in Kashgar where everything from carpets, blankets, foods, horses, donkeys, sheep and even camels are for sale. The population of the town swells by 100,000 and is truly one of the most incredible bazaars in Asia; and a photographer’s paradise! After the market, we visit the Eidgah Mosque, Abakh Hoja Tomb and the old town.
Overnight in Qini Bagh Hotel new building (BD)
Day 03: Kashgar Karakul Lake
Day trip to Karakul Lake along the famous Karakorum Highway. The scenery along the way is magnificent. We will be stopping at the Lake where you can enjoy the breath taking views of the Muztagh-ata Mountain. After lunch, free time to enjoy the area. Later return to Kashgar for overnight in hotel (BLD)
Day 4: Kashgar Tash Rabat – Naryn (Kyrgyzstan)
In the morning transfer to the border crossing of Torugart pass. After border formalities you will be met by our Kyrgyz team member.  We visit the Caravan Sarai dated from 11th century which served as a fortress for travellers along the Great Silk Road and continue driving to Naryn. Overnight in Local Guest house (BLD)
Day 5: Naryn – Kochkor – Issyk-Kul Lake  
After breakfast, en route to Issyk-Kul Lake, we visit the local handcraft center which is run by local communities in Kochkor village.
Here, you will learn how nomadic Kyrgyz women made Shyrdak, and Ala-Kiyiz – a floor covering made by pressing naturally dyed felt of various colors. You will see the process of felt carpet-making and wool-dying. Kochkor is famous for farming and felt-makers.
Our destination, the Issyk-Kul Lake, is the second-largest alpine lake after Lake Titicaca in South America. A combination of depth, thermal activity and mild salinity stops the lake from freezing and thus its name `Issyk-Kul’ meaning `warm lake’. Archaeological discoveries from the lake’s include ancient relics and graves dating back to the first millennium BC. An ancient trade center from the second century BC is thought to have been destroyed by the rise and fall of the lake’s level.
Before checking in at our hotel we will visit Cholpon-Ata, known for petroglyphs which are thought to have been created by the tribes of the Neolithic period. The images are mainly primitive long-horned ibex, horses, camels and snow leopards.
Overnight in Hotel. (BLD).
Day 6: Issyk-Kul Lake – Karakol
Drive to Karakol, one of the first towns of the Russian Cossak settlements from late 19th century. En-route we visit Przevalski Memorial Museum (Przevalski was a Great Russian explorer from the late 19th century). In Karakol, we visiting the museum, Dungan Pagoda type of mosque and the Orthodox wooden Church.
Dinner at one of ethnic minorities Uighur’s or Dungan’s family house accompanied with a traditional Kyrgyz local folk music.
Overnight in hotel or guest house (BLD)
Day 7: Karakol – Bokonbaeva village
After breakfast drive to Bokonbaeva village. En-route we stop at Jety Oguz Canyon for a hike or optional horse ride. Next we visit the Skazka Fairy Tale canyon and enjoy the eagle hunting performance.
Dinner and overnight in CBT Homestay at Bokonbaeva village or in a Yurt Camp Beltam. (BLD)
Day 8: Bokonbaeva village – Bishkek
In the morning drive to Bishkek. We stop in Kyzyl-Tuu village where a Kyrgyz family will show you how to make traditional yurt tents. Our next stop will be in Burana tower, the remains of the ancient city of Balasaguni formed by the Karakhanid dynasty in the 10th century. We also make a short stop at Burana village where you’ll watch the famous horse game show, Buzkashi. Arrival in Bishkek. Walking city tour of Bishkek, which includes Central Square Alatoo, White House, Parliament House, Manas on Horse Statue, Lenin Statue, and Oak Park.
Overnight in hotel. (BD)
Day 9: Bishkek – Almaty (Kazakhstan)
In the morning drive to Almaty via Korday border crossing.
Afternoon sightseeing of Almaty city, including the Zenkov Cathedral, one of the world’s tallest wood buildings and the Central State Museum. After lunch, ascend the Kok-Tube Mountain by cable car. Return to Almaty and visit the unique National Museum of Kazak Musical Instruments.
Overnight in Hotel (BD).
Day 10: Almaty
After breakfast, we drive to Medeo; a picturesque valley located 15 km above Almaty. Besides the beautiful natural setting, Medea houses the world’s largest speed skating rink and dyke. The dyke is a fine piece of engineering created to protect the city from mud floods and its reservoir has an impressive capacity of 6,000,000 m of water. Our last stop is at the end of the gorge where there is a ski resort Chimbulak, situated at an altitude of 2.200 m above sea level. It is one of Central Asia’s top skiing spots. The ski season lasts from November to April. Later return to your hotel for Overnight (BD)
Day 11: Almaty-Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
In the morning transfer to the airport for Air Astana flight KC 131 EDT 12:00 PM.
Upon arrival you will be met by our guide and transfer to your hotels, later in the afternoon visit the main avenues; Rudaki Street & Somoni Street, Central Park & Victory Park – the main relaxation and leisure areas in the city, we also visit the Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities where the famous statue of Buddha in Nirvana is preserved. Overnight at hotel (BD)
Day 12: Dushanbe
In the morning we drive for 30 KM to see the remains of Hissar Fortress, built in the 18th century. Our visit also includes 2 local madrasas. Later return to Dushanbe. Overnight in Hotel (BD)
Day 13: Dushanbe-Istaravshan-Khujand
In the morning drive to Khujand through Anzob tunnel, en-route stopping at Istrafshan to visit the fifteenth century Kuk Gumbaz Mosque, the Hafz-i-Sangin Mosque and the eighteenth century Hazrat-i-Shah Mosque and mausoleum complex. Later continue driving to Khujand.
Overnight in in Hotel (BD)
Day 14: Khujand-Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
Morning city tour of Khujand including a visit to the ancient part of Timurmalik fortress, museum and Panjshanbe market. In the afternoon transfer to Oybek border to Tashkent
Overnight in hotel (BD)
Day 15: Samarkand
Drive to Samarkand for a half day city tour. For most people Samarkand is as mythical as Atlantis or as remote and legendary as Timbouctou. The sublime larger-than-life monuments of Timur, the technicolour bazaar and the city’s long, rich history work a special kind of magic. On arrival we’ll visit the old bazaars for which this exotic city is famous for.
Overnight in hotel (BD)
Day 16: Samarkand sightseeing
Samarkand, sometimes called the Rome of the Orient’ was already flourishing when Rome and Babylon were founded. During the course of our full day tour we visit the famous Registan Square, Bibi Khanum Mosque,Mausoleum of Tamerlane and the Observatory of Ulughbek; the site where Uleg Bek, grandson of Tamerlane, made some of the greatest achievements of the pre-telescope era of astronomy in the 15th century. We also visit the regal mausoleums of Shah-I Zinda, site of Central Asia’s most sacred Islamic shrine, the massive mosque of Bibi Khanym, and the adjacent colourful market. You can purchase Samarkand’s famous bread which Alexander the Great unsuccessfully tried to have duplicated back home in Greece, or try some of the region’s local produce, from grapes to the world’s tastiest melons of multiple varieties. Our afternoon tour covers the Afrosiab Museum, located on the site of ancient.
Overnight in hotel (BD)
Day 17: Bukhara via Shakhrisabz
Travel to Bukhara via Shakrisabz, the birthplace of Tamerlane. We visit Tamerlane’s palace Ak Sarai,the Kok Gumbaz mosque, Mausoleum of Jehangir (Tamerlane’s grandson) and Tamerlane’s Mausoleum. Bukhara was a centre of the Russian/British Intelligence Services in the 19th Century.
Overnight in hotel (BD)
Day 18: Bukhara
Today we explore the old quarter on foot. Bukhara is an ancient city with its bustling “trade domes,” active mosques, and the Kalyan Minaret (“tower of death”), one of Central Asia’s tallest. We’ll stroll around the streets and visit the old town center where old men with long white beards gossip for hours while drinking tea. Bukhara has been designated a World Heritage Site; the resulting restoration of some of the mosques, constructed in the 11th to 15th centuries, to make them appear as if they were built yesterday. There are even some structures still standing that date back to Zorastrian times 2,500 years ago.
We also visit The Ark, a large fortress with the Emir’s open-air throne room and the Mausoleum of Ismail Samani, an intricate and beautiful 10th century brick structure that is nicely preserved. We’ll also venture to the outskirts of Bukhara and visit the summer palace of the last emir, built by a Russian Czar with grand halls and a harem. We will also see Char Minar, a gate of an ancient madrassa long time gone. It was built in 1809 and has more in common with Indian art styles than local.
Overnight in hotel. (BD)
Day 19: Bukhara Free day
Full free day in Bukhara at leisure.
Overnight in hotel. (BD)
Day 20: Bukhara – Khiva
In the morning drive to Khiva, later half day city tour of Khiva
Overnight in hotel. (BD)
Day 21: Khiva: City Tour
Legend has it that Khiva was founded when Shem, son of Noah, discovered a well here. The town certainly existed by the 8th Century, as a minor fort and trading post on a Silk Road branch to the Caspian Sea and the Volga. In the early 16th century, Khiva was made capital of the Timurid Empire, becoming a busy slave market and pivot of the khanate for the next three centuries. Until Russia finally wrested the region from Timurid grasp in the 19th century, even the boldest hearts feared encounters with these fierce tribesmen and their desert territory. Khiva is an ancient walled city and looks much like it did in centuries past. It is one of the few sites in Central Asia where one can easily imagine life during the time of the emirates. We will spend the morning wandering its maze of ruins and great mosques. Later, a tour of this living museum including the Ichon-Qala gates, Muhammad Amin and Rakhim Khan’s Medressas, Tosh-Khovli Palace, Islom-Huja Medressa and Minaret. Dinner will be served at Toza Bogh Palace (summer residence of Muhammad Rahim Khan II). Overnight in hotel. (BD)
Day 22: Dashoguz- Kunya Urgench – Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)
In the morning drive to Kunya Urgench through the Kara Kum Desert to the ruins of ancient capital. We cross the border at Dashoguz and continue driving to Kunya Urgench. We visit the Kunya Urgench historical site, where the mausoleums of Turebek-Khanym, Sultan Tekesh, Sultan Il Arslan, Najmad-din-Kubra and Sultan Ali are located. Discover the Kutlug Timur Minaret & Kyrk Molla. Later in the afternoon we drive to Darvaza flaming Gas Crater or the ‘mouth of hell’.En-route we visit a Nomad village located in the Karakum desert. Enjoy the amazing views with picnic dinner. Overnight in a basic camp near the Darvaza crater. We will be providing sleeping bags and mattresses. (BLD)
Day 23: Darvaza Flaming Crater-Ashgabad
In the morning drive to Ashgabad, check in to your hotel, later drive to visit Nissa fortress -the Sanctuary of Parthian Kings.  UNESCO declared fortress a World Heritage Site in 2007. Nissa described as one of the first capitals of the Parthians. It was founded by Arsaces I (reigned c. 250 BC – 211BC), and reputedly the royal necropolis of the Parthian Kings, although it has neither been established that the fortress at Nissa was a royal residence or a mausoleum. The ruins of ancient settlement Nissa are located 18 km from Ashgabat at Bagyr village
Overnight in hotel (BLD)
Day 24: Ashgabad Sightseeing
In the morning visit Tolkuchka Bazaar visit the Spiritual Mosque of Turkmenbashi, later drive to Gokdepe fortress and horse farm. Gokdepe fortress that was attacked in December 1880 by 6,000 Russians under General Mikhail Skobelev against 25,000 defenders. Gokdepe Mosque was built to commemorate the defeat and is noted for its mint-turquoise blue coloured roof and white marble structure.
At the horse farm you can see proud of Turkmen national Akhalteke horses. Over the 30 beautiful horses, you can see at the horse farm. 5000 years ago, Turkmens begin breed Akhalteke horses. Unique breed on the world, which not mixed with other breeds. Different rulers as Alexander Great, Darius I wants to own this horses.
Overnight in hotel (BLD)
Day 25: Ashgabad onward flight
Depending on your flight schedule transfer to the airport for onward flight (B)


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Tour costs and Dates

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 Tour cost comfort class

No of Pax. 2 3-5 6-9 10 Above Single Supplement
Price in US Dollar per person $7090 $6330 $5185 $4735 $1050

Tour cost tourists class

No of Pax. 2 3-5 6-9 10 Above Single Supplement
Price in US Dollar per person $6200 $5480 $4420 $3970 $680


Places Comfort class hotels Tourist Class hotels
Kashgar Radisson Blu hotel Qini Bagh New 5* Building hotel
Naryn Khan Tengri Guest House CBT Guest House
Issyk Kul Karven or Karpez hotel 3 Crown hotel
Karakol Green Yard or Amir hotel Elite or Altamira Guesthouse
Bokonbaeva village CBT Guest House or Yurt CBT Guest House or Yurt
Bishkek Golden Tulip hotel Asia Mountain 2 hotel
Almaty World hotel Saltanat Otrar hotel
Dushanbe Serena hotel  Gulistan Tours hotel 
Khujand Sugd Hotel Home stay
Tashkent Lotte City Tashkent Palace or Radisson Blue hotel Shodlik Palace or Uzbekistan hotel
Samarkand Asia hotel Malika Prime hotel
Bukhara Asia hotel or Zargaron Plaza hotel Zargaron or Malika hotel
Mary Mary hotel Margosh hotel
Ashgabad Nusay, Yildyz or Oguzkent Hotel Grand or Ak-Altyn hotel

*** Please note that all above hotels are subject to availability or we will arrange alternative hotels of a similar standard.

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All private transfers in air-conditioned cars, van and busses depends on the group size, domestic flights.
Twin sharing accommodation at hotels mentioned above with private facilities, 3 nights at Yurt camps, Guest houses with sharing facilities
Meals half board: Key (B) Breakfast (L) Lunch (D) Dinner
All the sightseeing tours as described in the itinerary and entrance fees
Fully escorted by our experienced local English speaking guides in each country
Visa support letters if required


Visa Fees.
Expenses in hotels such as laundry, telephone and room service, etc.
Optional activities Meals, Lunches Personal expanses
Single supplements
Tips for Guides and drivers
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